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Ok so I am in baking withdrawl these days, it feels like it has been forever since I have made something that fills my apartment with the sweet sweet smells of butter and sugar. I have recently restarted my relationship with Goodlife Fitness, which means that there has been a slightly strict intake of food in this household! BOOO….it’s really no fun. In all honesty, I really do like going to the gym and everything good that comes with it, but I also really do like eating cookies all day long! I will try to start incorporating some healthy baking recipes into my blog which can be equally as delicious.

Anyways, I really have nothing new to share, so I thought I would take the time to showcase some of my favourite food blogs. A few years ago I didn’t even know that this kind of thing existed, nor would I think to go to a blog for a recipe. Now most of my time spent online is spent reading food blogs, bookmarking recipes and dreaming about food!

The thing that I like about recipes from blogs is that you know that it has been tested, and the blogger gives their input into the recipe. Sometimes when I pick up a recipe book, I have no idea how the recipe will actually come out, or if its really as good as it looks. So, less talking and more reading blogs!!!

1. Brown Eyed Baker: This site has beautiful pictures and lots of pb and chocolate recipes which is always a hit with me!

2. How Sweet It Is: There is a lot of humour here, and delicious recipes. She also includes a lot of dinner recipes which are always needed!

3. Annie’s Eats: This is a new one that I have been looking at lately and it is obvious that it is full of tested recipes. I recently made the panko crusted baked chicken strips from here and despite setting off the smoke detector, they were amazing!

4. Smitten Kitchen: This blog is very professional and the recipes may not always be ‘everyday’ stuff, but it is very well respected and I like reading it.

I honestly have at least 10 more blogs bookmarked that I check out every few days, but these are the ones that I go to EVERY day. It’s like a sickness. I especially like them because for the most part, they update everyday with a new recipe. Which is something I would love to do, but then I would really have too many treats lying around!

I will be making something for a get together this weekend, so check back later to see how it turned out! 🙂


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